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High quality tomato paste manufacturers in China

This article is about tomato paste manufacturers in china. In cooking, tomato paste is one of the most important foods used as a seasoning. In the past, people cooked tomato paste themselves. With the increase in population, lack of time, and technological advances in a populous country such as China, this task was assigned to food factories. Tomato paste is now manufactured and packaged in tomato paste factories. Follow us to find out more about tomato paste suppliers and wholesale tomato paste.

High quality tomato paste manufacturers in China

tomato paste manufacturers in china

tomato paste manufacturers in chinaThere are many factories and manufacturers in China that produce tomato paste of different brands. Generally in their factories, it is necessary to produce a can of tomato paste to complete the following steps. These steps are:

  • Get tomatoes
  • Washing and sorting
  • Crushing the tomatoes
  • Heat and crush chopped tomatoes
  • Wax smoothing
  • Concentrate wines
  • Filling canned and packing
  • And finally, pasteurization

At first the tomatoes are transported to the factory through boxes and then discharged into the water basin, which, after proper washing, enters the next stage of final washing and sorting. At this point, the tomatoes pass through the water showers and sit on the sorting table. Tomatoes are cross-checked by workers on both sides of the table while inappropriate, crunchy tomatoes or other things such as wood that may accompany the tomatoes are removed from the tomatoes.

Now cleaned tomatoes, after passing through a shower of water that performs the final wash, enter the tomato crusher  and are crushed by moving blades. Crushers have different types but are used for comb or tomato tomatoes, which can be used for crushing relatively stiff fruits such as apples, pears and even beets. And the next step is to heat the tomatoes and crush them, after which the tomato juice is boiled and thickened. Now the tomato paste is ready to be poured into cans and canned. After capping, the cans are passed through the steam tunnel, so that the center temperature of the cans reaches 90 ° C and is pasteurized. Shelf life of the product depends on the type of container and its size. In the final step, the cans are labeled and packed in cartons. The product shipped to the warehouse for shipment and after a quarantine period (about fifteen days) is marketable if the test results are negative.

tomato paste price in china

tomato paste price in chinaThe price of tomato paste in China, like other countries in the world, depends on many factors such as the quality of the paste and its proper packaging. Due to the high quality production of tomato paste by reputable factories, Buckeye Search can provide the best brand and brand of tomato and its special paste for sale in bulk and ultimately exemplary quality and price.

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