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Exporters and importers of tomato paste

Tomatoes paste are one of the most widely used food seasonings among people, used in various dishes, fried or cooked. In the past, people cooked their own tomato paste at home for a year. With the increase in population, industry growth, apartment growth, and a shortage of time, this task was assigned to food factories. The majority of people now use industrial tomato paste. This product goes through various stages from farm to shop. For some people it is interesting to know how to make tomato paste in the factory.

 Exporters and importers of tomato paste

tomato paste With Affordable Price

 tomato paste With Affordable Price

Buying cheap tomato paste directly from the factory makes the price of tomato paste more affordable and convenient for buyers and traders. This way they can increase their sales volume in the tomato paste market. You can buy tomato paste from factory as tomato paste can, tomato paste, glass tomato paste and export tomato paste through our site. Cheap tomato paste from the factory Given that we have already addressed the issue of buying cheap tomato paste directly from the factory without intermediaries, it is the most sought after buyers. Shoppers who want to buy a product in bulk and at high volumes always tend to buy their products by removing intermediaries directly from the factory. Tomatoes paste are one of the most popular products. To that end, buyers are given priority over purchasing the factory directly. There are a variety of inexpensive tomato paste on the market that you can find cheap tomato paste buyers and traders. Buy this product directly from our materials site at Wholesale tomato paste factory prices.

Wholesale tomato paste companies in the world

A key question for all tomato paste buyers and traders is, how much is cheap tomato paste in the market? To answer this question, let’s take a look at some of the low-cost tomato paste companies on the market. These companies all work in the production and advice tomato paste for sale of cheap tomato paste mainly in high volume and high tonnage. In order to get the original price of tomato paste, we need to contact a reputable center to get the price of tomato paste from there. To determine the price of tomato paste, experts in the field usually consider a number of parameters and items that determine the price of a product. The raw materials to be considered for the preparation of tomato paste are as follows.

The primary and most important item of tomato day price

• Price of metal cans

• Day price of cans door

• Price updated glass

• Aleppo prices

• Salt used

• Price per bulk tomato paste on the market

And other costs that affect production. Together, these determine the major selling price of tomato paste on the market.

Identification quality of tomato paste while buying

 Identification quality of tomato paste while buying

Older families often used to make tomato paste at home and fewer to buy their own paste, but with the start-up of factories producing this product and changing the way of life, fewer people would paste pasta at home; thankfully. Brands in the market have been trying to maintain the nutritional value of tomatoes in addition to maintaining the nutritional value of tomatoes by increasing the quality of their products and minimizing the use of preservatives;Because of sold and increase the level of consumer awareness of the quality standards for food products, is very important;

Homemade tomato paste Recipe

Tomato paste is one of the most popular and popular international condiments which is one of the most used food condiments in our beloved country of Iran. Due to its good color and taste, this seasoning is used in most traditional Iranian dishes.

With the amount of ingredients in this recipe, you can make about 1 kg of tomato paste. If you want to make more or less tomato paste, simply multiply or divide the ingredients. Follow the tutorial on how to make tomato paste with Parsi Portal.

Ingredients of tomato paste:

  • Salt 2 g
  • 1 kg of water
  • 1 g liquid oil
  • 4kg tomatoes

How to make tomato paste:

To make the homemade tomato paste, first wash the tomatoes and put them in the drain to remove excess water then halve all the tomatoes through the middle and place in a large pot.

When all the tomatoes are heated to half the pot and wait for the tomato juice to boil and boil. So the tomatoes peel off very easily. Of course we still allow

Cook until the tomatoes are softened slightly. After the tomatoes have softened, we insert a wire mesh with very small holes into the pot or large container and turn it off under the pot.

Drop the tomatoes into the mash gradually or immediately (if the wire is large) and press the tomatoes over the mash so that the skin and the seeds inside the tomatoes can be easily separated and the tomato juice inside the pot or pan. In which we put the mesh.

Make sure the tomato seeds do not skip the lattice strainer because it will cause premature mildew. Once all the tomatoes have gone through the mash, put the pot on the heat and wait for the tomato juice to boil.

After the tomato juice has thickened and begins to melt, add the salt and stir. To find out whether the tomato paste has reached enough concentration, the best and easiest thing to do is Draw a spoon on a linear paste.

If it takes a long time for the slot to fill, that is, it has reached the concentration of tomato paste, and you should be careful about the tomato paste. We can make

To mildew early so wait for it to solidify. We should stir the tomato paste regularly so that it does not get stuck because it gives us a bad taste and it may turn black. add.

Turn the pot down and allow the prepared tomato paste to cool to room temperature. Then pour into the pan and close the lid and store in the fridge and for a variety of foods We use healthy and homemade tomato paste.

best price tomato paste For Sale

best price tomato paste For SaleTomato paste is one of the ingredients needed in cooking. This substance, which is obtained from tomatoes, has numerous properties. Tomatoes contain probiotics and antioxidants. By using it cooked, it can be the most effective tomato paste in enhancing the gut bacteria and helping to maintain good health. Tomato paste maintains antioxidant integrity. It also protects body cells from damaging factors.

Tomato paste is widely made in Iran. There are various companies all over Iran that produce tomato paste. Production of tomato paste is so large that it is exported overseas once the domestic market is met.

Prices of exported tomato paste are different. It depends on the quality and size of tomato paste. In this regard, you can contact the sales representatives of tomato paste companies and find out the latest export paste prices. You can also find and find these agencies throughout Iran.

Different companies offer tomato paste for export at different prices. These companies produce exported tomato paste, gram etc., and make it available to customers.

To buy exportable tomato paste at a reasonable price, you can contact the production companies directly. This allows you to buy the lowest price tomato paste. Also, these intermediates were removed and the product was more reliable. At the same time, some companies also do export-related work.

Different ways are used to produce tomatoes. In the traditional way, which is mostly done now, boil the paste after thorough washing, then remove the water and leave to prepare.

There are various production lines in the industrial way of producing export tomato paste. Advanced machinery has now entered the country that has solved many problems in the field of paste production. These machines have the greatest efficiency in producing tomato paste in a short time, which makes the product reach the secrets buy tomato paste in 2020.

Tomato paste factories in the country produce and market different types of paste with different quality as well as different weights. The major purchase of tomato paste is exported from the factory. On the other hand, dealers in different companies are responsible for exporting exported tomato paste, which can be accessed through these agencies. These agencies operate in most cities of Iran and their job is to attract customers and distribute factory products.

Manufacturers are in the business of selling the best tomato paste in Iran. The prices of the tomato paste are also set by the factory. For the bulk purchase of the best tomato paste, it is advisable to deal directly with the factory itself or its agents in different cities. These companies mainly sell types of tomato paste near me with different quality.

What is the best type of tomato paste?

Classic Paste Tomatoes:

Traditionally, two varieties of tomatoes are recommended for making sauce. These tend to be the easiest to find, whether at the market or as plants to grow in your garden.


  • This is the classic tomato used in Italian cooking. It’s popular for canning and making tomato paste, and is readily available. Though the classic Roma is 3 inches long, larger varieties are now available. The downside is that Romas are not as sweet as some of the similar heirloom tomatoes, such as Amish Paste; orange Romas are a little sweeter than the common red variety.

San Marzano: Considered the classic paste tomato, the San Marzano has a dense, almost dry, sweet flavor. The tomatoes typically grow to 2 to 3 inches. Legally, and to be called a San Marzano, this tomato has to be grown in Valle del Sarno, the “Valley of Sarno,” in Italy.

Oval Tomatoes

These tomatoes share a similar oval or sausage-like shape. There are differences in taste, however, and that’s especially important when you’re planning to make tomato sauce.

Amish Paste:

  • Similar to Roma tomatoes, the Amish paste tomato is sweeter with a fresher flavor. It can grow up as large as 8 to 12 ounces.

Opalka: This Polish heirloom is far richer and more flavorful than most paste tomatoes. It’s a long, pepper-shaped variety with fruits that grow to 4 to 6 inches long.

Polish Linguisa: As the name implies, this tomato is a Polish heirloom, brought to New York by Polish gardeners in the 1800s. The tomato is a meaty 10 ounces and very sweet.

Large Tomatoes:

  • If you want to minimize the amount of work needed to process tomato sauce while getting a good amount for canning, consider one of these larger varieties.

Big Mama:

  •  This plum-shaped, meaty tomato is enormous, growing up to 5 inches long and 3 inches across. It’s a new favorite among gardeners who want an easier-to-process tomato than the smaller Romas.

Jersey Devil:

  •  This heirloom was bred to be used as a paste tomato. Shaped like a banana pepper, it’s very juicy and grows to about 5 to 6 inches in length.

Jersey Giant: This heirloom paste tomato is rare, but if you can find it or plan to grow it, it’s an excellent option. A couple of plants yield plentiful harvests, with each fruit growing between 4 and 6 inches long.

If you’ll be growing your tomatoes, it’s easy to order seeds for any of the varieties mentioned. But, if you’ll be buying your tomatoes, your choices will be limited. Buy directly from a farmer or stop by a farmers market for the best selection. Locally grown tomatoes are bound to be riper than anything you can get at the grocery store.

Most of the tomatoes on this list are determinate varieties, meaning they tend to ripen at once. That’s ideal for sauce and paste making. So plan to stop by a farmers market at the end of the day, and you’re likely to find vendors ready to negotiate, especially if you’re looking to buy a lot at once.

Making Tomato Sauce:

  • To get the most out of your tomatoes, take the time to learn how to make the sauce at home on your stovetop. It’s also easy to make tomato paste. If you’re not excited about all the work, you can make tomato sauce in the slow cooker, too. The process is simple and requires no coring, seeding, or peeling, and you won’t have to stand over a hot stove.

Canning and Freezing:

  • Made more sauce than you can use at the moment? Can your tomato sauce and you’ll have plenty to store for future meals. Since modern tomatoes aren’t as acidic as they used to be, you will need to add lemon juice to increase the acidity.

You can also freeze your tomatoes until you have more time to deal with them. Some canners (farmers especially) are in the habit of freezing their garden harvest, so they can wait to process it in the winter when life slows down a bit, and a warm kitchen is a welcome respite.

Best selling tomato paste for export

Best selling tomato paste for export Tomato paste is one of the important and valuable products produced by processing tomatoes and making changes to them. Feature of tomato paste tomato paste is considered as one of the most popular food seasonings. Its production in the country, in addition to generating income and meeting domestic needs, has been able to export tomato paste to international markets.

Over 6 million tonnes of tomatoes are produced annually in the country, with more than 800,000 tonnes being converted to paste in food factories. Of this amount of tomato paste, about 17 percent is exported from the country for surplus consumption. And because of neighboring countries welcoming export of Iranian tomato paste, most of the manufacturing companies have exported this product.

Export of paste to Russia is one of the most important export issues for paste producing countries. Russia is one of the target markets in the Eurasian region for high-capacity food imports.

According to Iran, for a variety of reasons, such as cultural proximity, close political affiliation, land, air and sea routes are one of Russia’s import options. Iranian tomato paste is one of the popular brands of this product in Asia and Eastern Europe and has a good market. The following article examines all aspects of paste export to Russia from feasibility to the latest stages of operation.

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