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Cheapest tomato paste line manufacturing process

In this article we are going to talk about tomato paste line. Tomato paste is one of the most popular  international condiments that is one of the most used food condiments in different countries. This seasoning is used in most foods because of its good color and taste. So follow along with this article to explain more about tomato paste line price and tomato paste line wholesale.

 Cheapest tomato paste line manufacturing process

tomato paste line manufacturing process

 tomato paste line manufacturing processThe tomato paste production line can be traditionally or industrially run with low or high capacity according to customer requirements as well as the culture of the region. The type of design and construction should also be based on justification plans and feasibility steps. For the investor to see if the plan is profitable. This production line can also include machinery with different capacities based on the amount of investment but in any case the overall trend is the same for all tonnages. To get started, we must first consider the important factor that paste production requires a lot of tomatoes.

Tomatoes consist of ninety-five percent water and five percent dry matter and other sugars. If you are thinking of setting it up, you should think about providing large and continuous tomatoes in the first place. The tomato paste production and packaging plant can be economical when it is consistently producing its own paste at its maximum capacity. If the capacity of the production line falls below a certain limit, the ratio of production to costs is not justified and the production line must be stopped. On the other hand, all machines and machines need to be re-cleaned to restart, which will generate a lot of waste. In general, the paste production line consists of several stages, some of which are:

  • Tomato receiving line
  • Washing and sorting
  • Crushing Tomatoes by Crusher
  • Heat and crush tomatoes as a result of heat
  • Wax smoothing
  • Concentrate tomato paste under vacuum in batch or county news
  • Filling and capping and pasteurization and packaging

As an example of tomato picking line, tomato picking in the factory is done in two ways: basket picking or suspended picking. The tomatoes enter the factory in boxes and after weighing are placed on the loading platform and the goods are weighed and delivered to the basket. It is located at the loading platform where the floor is covered with lattice plates and filled with water. The tomatoes are drained from the basin into the pond water, although the pond floor has a steep slope. So that by opening the outlet, the tomatoes can easily flow into the canal with water. This channel has air pipes. The air blown from these pipes will cause the tomatoes to drip and thus the tomatoes will be better washed. The tomatoes then enter the receiving tank via a lift. Secondary reception is also a place for re-washing and tomato control for entry into sorting.

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