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Cheap tomato paste for export

Buying cheap tomato paste directly from the factory makes tomato paste prices more affordable and convenient for shoppers and businessmen to increase their sales volume in the tomato paste do they make tomato paste This product is made by very advanced devices.

Cheap tomato paste for export

How tomato paste is manufactured?

 How tomato paste is manufactured?Tomato paste is one of the most widely consumed food seasonings among Iranians, used in various dishes, either fried or cooked. In the past, people cooked their own tomato paste at home for a year.

With the increase in population, industry growth, apartment growth, and a shortage of time, this task was assigned to food factories.

Most people now use industrial tomato paste. This product goes through various stages from farm to shop. For some people it is interesting to know how to make tomato paste in the factory.

There are two types of local and greenhouse tomatoes on the market; both local and greenhouse tomatoes can be used, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Local tomatoes give less paste but cause the paste to not mold and break down later. Greenhouse tomatoes are more expensive but more paste is obtained. Normally 10 to 15 kg of paste is obtained per 100 kg of broiled and juicy tomatoes.

Factories typically use tomatoes that are oval, more meaty and juicy. The tomatoes must be completely red and ripe and not have parts of yellow or green or white tomatoes.

The choice of crushed, spoiled and mild tomatoes should be avoided because they are unhealthy and change the taste of the paste. The Italians decided to make a sauce from the tomato extract to flavor their pastas with a different and fresh taste, and it turned out that Sicily and other southern Italian cities became the cradle of tomato paste.

Mediterranean countries are also at the forefront of producing and consuming tomato paste in the world. You may find it interesting that most Mediterranean residents prefer not to consume tomato paste purely by mixing it with ingredients such as olive oil and a variety of fresh herbs. They usually do not fry the paste like us Iranians and like to taste the paste under their tongue.

Industrial Tomato Paste Compounds Like most home-grown tomatoes, tomato paste contains no other ingredients found in the standard tomato paste.Although some unreliable brands of pumpkin and onions can be found in tomato paste analysis. On the other hand, salt in industrial pastes, according to the Standard Organization, is about 1 to 2 percent, and if more salt is added, it is fraud.

It also uses additives and preservatives that make industrial tomato paste stand in the package for about 18 months. However, some factories claim to produce organic tomato paste with no preservatives or chemicals.How to make tomato paste in the factory requires the following steps:

  • Get tomatoes
  • Soaking and rinsing the tomatoes
  • Serving and washing tomatoes
  • Chop the tomatoes
  • Initial baking
  • filteration
  • Formulated tank
  • Condensation of wines
  • Pasteurization
  • Filling in cans and pans
  • Pasteurization of filled cans
  • Cross the cold water underwater
  • dry
  • Labeling and packaging
  • Marketing

Best tomato paste is made by the best tomatoes.The tomato enters the plant in 25kg boxes or boxes and after weighing is loaded onto a loading platform and weighed and delivered to the basket.

At the bottom of the loading platform is a cement pond whose floor is covered with lattice plates and filled with water. The tomatoes are drained from the basin into the pond water, although the pond floor has a steep slope. So that by opening the outlet, the tomatoes can easily flow into the canal with water. This channel has air pipes. The air blown from these pipes will cause the tomatoes to drip and thus the tomatoes will be better washed.

The tomatoes are then passed through the water showers and placed on the sorting table for final washing. Tomatoes are cross-checked by workers on both sides of the table while inappropriate, crunchy tomatoes, or other things such as wood, etc., are likely to be removed from the tomatoes.

The cleaned tomatoes are crushed after passing through a shower of water that performs the final wash and are crushed by removable blades. Sliced ​​tomatoes enter a tank of about one cubic meter called tank balance. Crushers have different varieties but are used for comb or tomato tomatoes, which can be used for crushing relatively stiff fruits such as apples, pears and even beets. Pass through the perimeter into the filter. These filters are two- or three-step, with the difference of the different steps in the diameter of the mesh. The lattice of the first stage is about 0.7 mm with holes 1 and 2 in diameter. The various steps are primarily to improve the quality and quantity of dewatering, and secondly, depending on the conditions of the raw material, some steps can be customized or removed.Tomato juice enters the Formula tank, which is a steel tank. In these tanks, a maximum of 3% by weight of the finished product is added to the brine.

Pumped worm juice enters the condensing boiler or batch. Salt can, of course, be added in the final product after leaving the boiler, but because of the impurity in our country and the need to add brine instead of dry salt, this is best done in a formulated tank. Wines can be concentrated in one or two or more stages. Tomato juice in the condensing boiler is heated indirectly by steam and loses its water. After separating the tomato juice (fruit) it directs it to the condensing tank which is used to charge the condenser since it may not use the tomato juice produced immediately so it must be stored in the tank. Tomato juice tanks are made of stainless steel and it is better to have a stirrer to prevent water from settling (two-phase).The tomato is pasteurized from the storage tank by passing a similar device to the preheater and heated to about 85 ° C.When the solids concentration in the tomato paste reaches 28, they are packaged in special cans or similar containers.Cans filled with tomato paste are lined.

What are the basic ingredients in tomato paste?

Industrial Tomato Paste Ingredients are one of the most specialized in the tomato paste industry considered by manufacturers. The compounds used in a production line have a direct effect on the finished product and can change the quality of the product. It may be a little difficult to believe but the main and important ingredients are tomato paste and a very low salt content. Salt is added to boiled tomatoes with 1% and finally 2%. Therefore, tomato paste has no additives and does not even hold.

Naturally, tomato paste can be stored for 18 months without opening the can of tomato paste. The reason for this is not the presence of authorized additives or preservatives, but the canning action that can take a long time for this product.

The sensitivity to the contents of tomato paste is such that the company cannot use the salt added to it by more than 2%. If too much salt is added to the tomato paste, it will be considered a fraud and the company will be in trouble. On the other hand, you should know that the salt used in the tomato paste is salt and added to the product at the price of the formulated tank.good tomato paste should have good ingredients.

Where is best tomato paste factory in Tehran?

 Where is best tomato paste factory in Tehran?Due to the high production of tomatoes in Iran, its related industries have the potential to produce paste. Therefore, the best global brands in Iran for tomato paste has emerged.

There are many factories in Iran that produce tomatoes in combination with tomatoes, which fortunately have an export role.Due to the high quality tomato paste produced by reputable factories, all Bakami Search stores can provide the best brand and brand of tomato paste and its specialty for wholesale and ultimately exemplary quality and price. Tomato is one of the most popular raw materials of Iranian food. Undoubtedly, every Iranian has tasted tomato paste in his life, and it is considered a very important food stuffer in many Iranian dishes. The best brand of tomato paste should have many positive characteristics.

The characteristics of the best tomato paste in Iran should be as follows:

High quality: Producing the best brand of tomato paste should include high quality tomatoes and healthy and authorized additives.

Excellent Taste: Certainly the most important feature in choosing the best Iranian tomato paste for people to taste.

Being Healthy: In recent years, with the growing debate over bodybuilding and bodybuilding, good tomato paste should be low in calories and low in sugar and fat.

Color: For every Iranian lady, the color of tomato paste is very important so that besides the excellent taste of the food, the color is beautiful.tomato paste suppliers This product is sold in various types.

Who Sells tomato paste at Affordable Price?

Shoppers who want to buy a product in bulk and at high volumes always tend to buy their products by removing intermediaries directly from the factory.Tomato paste is one of the most popular products. To this end, buyers will have the highest priority in purchasing the plant directly from the plant. To obtain the original price of tomato paste, we need to establish a reputable center so that we can obtain the price of tomato paste.Sellers of this product at a reasonable price can be found by querying other people.tomato paste quality depends on the type of tomato.

To determine the price of tomato paste, experts in the field usually consider a set of parameters and items that determine the price of a product.

3 Tips To Find The Best tomato paste

 3 Tips To Find The Best tomato pasteThe most important point in identifying quality is the brand that represents the product; in fact, the brand itself represents the degree of quality; The first thing to buy paste is that the paste that has no preservatives is mildew, and people may mistakenly think that mildew paste is not a quality paste, as this indicates a lack of preservatives in the product and is a good sign. To prevent molding the paste it is recommended to keep it in the refrigerator and use a plastic door when opening the metal door.

The second qualitative feature of the paste is its purity; it is basically a quality paste that is not added to the compound tomato, and this can be easily seen when the tomato paste is spread in a pan for baking. If the product is of poor quality and impurity, in addition to the color changes, it will be bulleted and not pure. The third feature is that the paste is not brown in color, the brown paste indicates that the vacuum process has not performed well. Tomatoes contain a substance called lycopene, which is very useful for the body and is carcinogenic. If the color of the paste is brown, it indicates that it has disappeared because the color of the substance is red and in fact red because of its presence.The price tomato paste is determined by its quality.

How Is tomato paste Business?

Iran is very suitable for tomato and tomato paste production due to the very good weather and its four seasons and many factories in the country work with different brands such as tomato paste production. The best tomato paste for each The group of buyers is different; for example, some buyers consider the quality of the tomato paste to be important and for others the cheap price.

For shoppers looking for a cheap price, the best exported tomato paste is a 16 to 20 Brix tomato paste, also called a thin tomato paste.

For those who care about the quality of tomato paste, tomato paste with Brix 25 to 27 is recommended. Tomato paste with Brix above 25 is called thick tomato paste.Today, the tomato paste business benefits greatly.wholesale tomato paste sells this product at different prices.

Do All Countries Produce tomato paste?

 Do All Countries Produce tomato paste?Tomato paste as a by-product of tomato processing, both as a condiment added to home-grown foods and as an additive in many food products, is in high demand worldwide .Italy, China, the US and Spain have the largest tomato paste exports in the world, and Germany, England, Japan and France are the largest importers of tomato paste in the world.wholesale tomato paste near me This is the first question when buying these products you can get help from online maps .To find the closest places to you.

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